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Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and You

Effective Leadership Is All About Emotional Intelligence

Who ultimately makes it to the top? Most people starting out might think it has to do with how ruthless you are (which sometimes isn’t too far from the truth), but how effective of a leader is someone like that going to be? To really make a meaningful impact on those around you, emotional intelligence and team building are both absolutely crucial for your organization’s success. All great leaders possess high emotional intelligence, giving them the ability to seamlessly navigate social situations that otherwise remain tricky, convoluted, and chaotic to others. 

But if you’re someone who lacks emotional intelligence, how can you work to improve that part of your personality? In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, what traits you have to incorporate into your daily behavior, and how an emotional intelligence assessment from EGL can help you move in the right direction.  

Mastering the Interpersonal Side of Things 

How would you characterize the majority of your interactions with your team? Do you feel like they’re not telling you everything that’s on their minds? Does it seem like they’re hesitant to speak up in meetings or that they’re afraid to bring up their long-term goals? Being an emotionally intelligent leader is all about:

  • Social awareness
  • Managing your emotions
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Empowering your colleagues

Without any of those four traits, you’re not leading as effectively as you could be. Without displaying social awareness in a given situation, you might offend or embarrass a team member. If you don’t have your emotions in check, you could be alienating yourself from your staff. If your team can’t function in the space you’ve created, they can’t do their best work. And if the people on your team don’t feel that you’re confident in their abilities, they’ll never contribute as meaningfully to your success as they could. 

Each of these steps helps contribute to a winning atmosphere, one that brings out the best in those around you. And the sooner you become more aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, the sooner you can transform your environment with the right level of emotional intelligence. That’s where EGL comes in.

Leaders who display a high degree of emotional intelligence are more equipped to handle the myriad problems that occur every day in an organization. Are you prepared to take on that level of responsibility? If you’re not sure where your emotional intelligence level is, take EGL’s in-depth self-assessment.


Have You Taken Our EQ Assessment Yet?

Our evaluation is designed to give users a clearer picture of their personalities and how frequently they perform certain behaviors that may or may not be conducive to a healthy, safe environment. For more information on how we can help your company reach that next level of success, reach out to EGL today.

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