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ICF AATC (Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching)

Advanced Coaching with groups and teams

This program is accredited by the ICF as an Advanced Accreditation in Team Coach for 74.5 total hours of coach-specific education/training.

74.5 Hrs Approved by ICF

Includes 7.5 hours coach supervision

3 Days

In person training included

ICF Credentialed Coaches


In person session held in Santa Barbara, CA

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AATCAdvanced Coaching with Groups and Teams is structured around developing mastery of your own capability to work with groups, and understanding how you work with yourself. The program will have a prework section on-line, web meetings, and 3 days of in-person training totaling to 74.5 hours of training.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is best fit?

Envision Global Leadership’s Team Coaching Certification caters to ICF accredited coaches in search of team coaching training. You will learn a systemic team coaching approach based on a thorough understanding of the unique features of team coaching.


Prework starts – August 12, 2024
In-person workshop – September 10 – 12, 2024 in Santa Barbara, CA
Post work – September 18 –  October  20, 2024


Dr. Jeff Evans, PhD, MCC – designer and primary instructor in Advance Coaching with Groups and Teams.

Advanced Coaching with Groups and Teams

ICF Accredited AATC
$ 8500
One time
  • 74.5 hours of ICF accredited training total
  • 7.5 Hours of Coach Supervision Included
  • 24 Hours of In-Person Included

Dr. Evans practices in the world of leadership development at the senior level of organizations. Working with teams and groups is a requirement for that level of work. He has been very active with ICF and has developed multiple ICF-accredited coach training programs. Besides this work in executive coaching, he has an extensive background in working with teams.

Dr. Jeff Evans spent over 15 years designing and facilitating high-performance work teams globally. His extensive background encompasses not only the implementation of team-based organizations but also providing support during significant transitional periods. As a result, Dr. Evans possesses deep knowledge and proficiency in the field of team coaching.

This course is an intersection of those two areas of expertise, done within the ICF framework for accreditation. Targeted from the ICF team coaching competencies, it also draws heavily from open systems theory, as well as Gestalt Organization and Systems processes. Dr. Evans’ approach is deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of human dynamics. This comprehensive understanding allows for a thorough exploration of team dynamics and fosters a holistic approach to team development.

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