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A.I. Enabled, Technology Based Organization Performance


Use data to activate your profit enablers​

Let Your Data Take Your Leadership Development to Higher Grounds

Here is what we offer

Our technology and methods enable organizations to create targeted leadership development and succession plans at an enterprise level. We provide insights into the behaviors needed for successful leadership and the actions required for improving business performance.

AI Enabled Leadership Assessments

The ALII-Map is the only A.I. enabled leadership assessment focused on leadership activation, selection and succession.


Integrated Platform to Drive Leadership Development

Track and schedule your leadership development initiatives, access your reports and measure progress via our ‘engage’ platform, accessible from anywhere.

Data Driven Predictive Reports

Data driven predictive reports such as LeaderNAV® enables organizations to look across a pool of leaders results and create a targeted development and succession plan at the enterprise level.

Certified Executive Coaches

With more than 200 executive coaches, EGL is equipped to handle the development needs of the busy executive as well as larger corporate development engagements. ________________________

For Organizations

We assist in Identifying key performers who can transform your organization. We accurately measure leadership behaviors from an individual and team perspective resulting in a clear understanding of your organization’s leadership state and leadership development needs.

For Leaders

Mastering the skills of authentic influence is critical for every leader. Our leadership assessment provides leaders with critical insight into the level of influence they have on others by measuring the eight domains of Leadership performance for optimal development.

For Coaches

EGL offers ALII-Map certification and technological infrastructure for coaches. After the completion of the certification, coaches can assist clients in determining the most impactful areas of development that will most contribute to organizational movement, with the use of ALII-Map.

Our Technology

Actionable Leadership Intelligence Instrument

Using machine learning, ALII focuses on the most important and influential leadership skills. It analyzes how frequently a leader demonstrates these skills and quickly and effectively co-designs a robust action plan for measurable improvement.

We have combined our decades of leadership assessment experience with an Artificial Intelligence platform to greatly expand leadership awareness and dexterity. This A.I. system is learning continually, and becomes increasingly accurate as we continue to assess more leaders.

At the heart of our leadership development tools lies this foundational technology. Every one of our leadership development programs commences with the comprehensive ALII-Map Leadership assessment.


Ultimate tool for Seamless Succession Planning and Selection

Identify the right talent to fill key positions

Our AI-powered tool helps organizations identify and groom the right talent to fill key positions in the company.

Remove the bias from selection

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the process and ensure a fair and unbiased selection. We rely on data and logic rather than intuition.

Get fast and affordable results

AI has the power to analyze huge amounts of data and produce fast results at a relatively lower cost. Our solutions cut down replacement cost in more than half*

Leadership Development Beyond Coaching...

We have deep expertise and decades of experience in leadership development and human systems change. Drawn from extensive research and numerous engagements around the globe, EGL’s engagement methods are designed to support transformation and innovation in organizations through effective leadership development.

We have proprietary validated leadership assessments with which we are able to assess key leadership competencies. From there, we provide leadership development programs and support at both individual and group levels. In some cases we assist organizations to use these diagnostically to develop a more robust leadership talent pool.

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Some Of Our Clients

Are you ready to dive into the new age of A.I. enabled Leadership Development?

 With EGL as your partner, you can utilize the EGL platform, A.I. powered leadership assessments, LeaderNav reports, learning tools, and executive coaching to drive your organizational leadership development goals. 

We provide the architecture, intelligence and direction for your leadership development framework through AI driven assessments, superior technology and collaborative and inclusive executive coaching.

It’s time for you to access actionable leadership intelligence that will enable your organization’s transformation.