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ALLI Map Corporate Licensing

Organizations may license the use of the ALII-Map within their organization on an annual basis. This allows corporate purchase pricing, and access to the organizational reporting tools. This is highly effective for progression planning and leadership development programs. This license requires each person who will administer and debrief the ALII-Map to be individually certified.


Certification (basic) workshop per participant (gives access to ALII-Map)


Corporate add-on per participant

Adds access to advanced reporting and organization features of administration


Corporate (per company) annual license for the portal. Provides access to all historical assessments and summative reporting


On-going Agreement

Envision Global Leadership asks for an on-going agreement with licensees to provide overflow support for debriefing and action planning, as well as follow-up development programs to make sense for the licensee.

Note: None of the trainings for certification or licensing are considered Train-the-Trainer, and certified practitioners, both individual and corporate, are prohibited from training others in the use of the ALII-Map. Violation of this agreement will result in forfeiture of all rights and access, including access to current and historical date.

What is ALII Map?

The ALII-MapTM assessment is a research-based, statistically valid, A.I. enabled leadership assessment instrument that provides measurable insight into behaviors tied to senior level job success. It brings awareness to meaningful actionable behavior shifts and helps organizations enhance the ongoing effectiveness of leaders as they advance.

Rather than only focusing on the skills of personal influence as most leadership assessments does, it incorporates enterprise-level leadership competencies – those needed for progression planning and to create engagement, organizational resonance and high performance.

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