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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Emotional intelligence is the ability for a person to perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions and has been shown to be as important as mental intelligence for effective leadership. Three specific traits have been associated with high emotional intelligence: self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

In order to be effective, a leader needs to successfully navigate a variety of situations. During times of high-stress or change, the ability to maintain focus, level-headedness and positivity can create trust, which in turn provides stability for the whole organization.

Social Awareness
When a person can sense what another is feeling and respond appropriately—they’re able to create a positive connection. A leader with strong social awareness can understand a person’s needs and respond appropriately—building support with everyone they come across.

Relationship Management
Effective leaders seem to effortlessly get along with a broad spectrum of people because they excel in relationship management. Being able to easily interact with others and leverage relationships to motivate others to reach organizational goals is an essential skill of a leader.

There are certain behaviors that indicate a person has strong emotional intelligence and organizations can benefit from identifying them. 


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