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Get An In-Depth Data Driven Snapshot Of Where Your Leaders Stand

LeaderNAV® takes the base for workforce planning and leadership development beyond just a performance appraisal. It brings together multiple ALII-Map leadership assessment reports, objectively analyzing core leadership competencies of every employee.

LeaderNAV provides an easy to read bubble chart that shows—in one look—where your team members are in terms of strengths and blind spots. It provides an in-depth performance appraisal and giving your organization critical insight into its next steps.

Make informed decisions in workforce planning

LeaderNav maps leaders based on:

  • How frequently and consistently they show behaviors that increase organization performance.
  • The size of their blindspot – which is the disconnect between what leaders think they are doing and how the world sees their actions.
  • Presence of significance derailers – behaviors that a leader can exhibit that can harm the organization’s performance.

What Sets LeaderNav Apart?

LeaderNav is an evaluation that is geared more toward team building and constructing a positive environment. Finding someone to fill a leadership position is all about identifying the candidate who’s going to make the biggest impact on the people around them and LeaderNav helps you to do just that.

When to use LeaderNav for Workforce Planning

Succession Planning

LeaderNav aids in identifying key performers who can transform your organization and in planning leadership development in detail throughout your organization.

Strategic Development Planning

LeaderNav helps organizations objectively measure, compare and validate the requisite qualities and blind spots exhibited by your leaders so development plans are focused effectively when building high performing teams.

One Time Analysis

LeaderNav is great for assessing small to medium groups and can be used as a guide for building organizational structure for any type of organization.

Matching leadership potential

Consistently exhibited positive leadership behaviors are the key to organizational success. LeaderNav maps your leadership pool so you know who is ready to be placed immediately.


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