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Corporate Solutions ALII MAP LeaderNav Corporate Licensing  Leadership Development

Revolutionizing Talent Pipeline Management with AI-Driven Succession Planning and leadership development solutions that  enable high performing organizations.

Leadership Assessments

ALII-MapTM assessment is a research-based, statistically valid instrument that helps mid to senior level leaders gain powerful clarity about the strength of their influence, and helps organizations enhance the ongoing effectiveness of leaders as they advance. The ALII-MapTM creates a behavioral footprint that shows influence reach and extension, rather than a performance or effectiveness evaluation.

Data Driven Snapshot Of Where Your Leaders Stand

SuccessionNAV brings together multiple ALII-Map reports, objectively analyzing core leadership competencies of each employee. SuccessionNAV provides an easy to read bubble chart that shows—in one look—where your team members are in terms of strengths and blind spots, allowing an in-depth performance appraisal and giving your organization critical insight into next steps.

Leadership Development Programs

Are you looking for a reliable, all inclusive solution for leadership development? EGL’s tailored leadership development engagements utilize the EGL platform, A.I. powered assessment, LeaderNav reports, learning tools, and executive coaching to drive your organizational development goals.

Corporate Licensing

Organizations may license the use of the ALII-MapTM within their organization on an annual basis. This allows corporate purchase pricing, and access to the organizational reporting tools. This is highly effective for progression planning and leadership development programs.

This license requires each person who will administer and debrief the ALII-MapTM to be individually certified.

Our Difference

Global, Scalable , Predictable

With the ALII Map is applicable no matter your global location as it presents a picture of your leaders behaviors and predicts how your organizational performance is impacted. So you can scale strategy and development as you push towards high performance.

Fast Actionable Results

The ALII method delivers data driven results without having to take your employees out of the workplace. These A.I. driven results allow you to scale, develop and build quickly.

We Measure Impact

The ALII Map's AI driven measured reports focus on the the impact of your leaders behaviors on the organization. The leader has the greatest impact on your organizational performance. You can out lead bad process but you cannot out process bad leadership. .

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We don’t just measure people, we measure the leaders impact on the organization to build high performing organizations.