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The Value of an Honest Leader

When employees are asked what qualities they look for in a leader, honesty and integrity are usually found at the top of any list. Sometimes, they are listed separately, but often they are linked because a leader with integrity is, by default, an honest leader. 

Why Honesty is Important

Employees want to work with an honest leader because it leads to a trusting environment. When employees have faith in their leaders, they are more willing to buy into company goals, feel confident sharing ideas and concerns that can ultimately better the business, and are more willing to follow during times of change.

An honest leader earns trust through a variety of activities:

  • Freely shares information (both positive and negative) to keep employees informed.
  • Admits to mistakes and takes responsibility for their actions.
  • Seeks input and relies on the expertise of others.
  • Offers support and invests in helping others grow.

How Do Others View Your Leadership Style?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, less than half (49%) of full-time workers responded that they had “a great deal of trust” in those working above them.1 

It can be hard to objectively assess one’s own leadership strengths and weaknesses. You might think you’re an honest leader, but others might have a differing view. That’s why it is crucial to have regular leadership assessments with validated feedback from a variety of people you work with. Having a framework to understand how you view your traits and behaviors and how they align (or differ) from other people’s perceptions can provide you with valuable insights that can be used to create a personal development plan.  

Envision Global Leadership has developed a unique Leadership MultiRater assessment that includes a Rater Group Comparison matrix, which provides valuable insight between how you view your behaviors versus how others perceive them. 

If your organization currently doesn’t have an assessment and development plan in place, now is the best time to get started.



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