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Transformational Leadership: Finding Your Unique Contribution

There are two aspects of personal leadership required in order to maximize your contribution. The first of these is to be fully present in each of your endeavors. I used to hear an old adage to “Bloom where you are planted”. I greatly admire and respect the ability of people to make the most of any situation they engage. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it like this. “If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets as Rafael painted pictures, sweep streets as Michelangelo carved marble, sweep streets as Beethoven composed music, or as Shakespeare wrote poetry.” I believe that about covers it.

This is the first part of being present and fully putting your love, light, and humanity into everything you do. It has to do with using yourself in all aspects of your life. Each of us finds us in places that may not be exactly what would would chose, but it is important to still use ourselves fully, even if we only happened to be there.

The second aspect of leadership involves the inward journey to begin finding what it is that we want to contribute. Here we discover what we want to do, where, when, and with whom we want to do it, and then actively step out and find a pathway to that destination. It takes the accident of birth and circumstance and transforms it with the power of intention. So, take a few moments, take some notes, and change your life.


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