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How to Effectively Lead During a Crisis

Organizations are constantly under threat of a crisis, either internally, like the sudden departure of a trusted executive, or externally, such as a data breach or viral negative customer service story. Regardless of the type of emergency, the best way to survive—and thrive—through a crisis is with strong leadership.

Confidence and Trust
During any type of crisis, there will be a lot of uncertainty. A leader that can get through an emergency will have the ability to inspire confidence and trust with employees and other stakeholders. Confidence in leadership comes from being able to make fast, and sometimes difficult decisions while also being open and honest with communication.

Decisive Action
During a crisis, it’s imperative that a leader take decisive actions. The ability to make split-second decisions without backtracking or second-guessing will help provide faith and comfort to those affected by the emergency.

Many businesses fail at surviving a crisis because of a lack of communication. Too often, leaders sequester themselves in a room, discussing plans and making decisions, without communicating to employees or their customers. A good leader always provides updates, guidance and information during a crisis so that others understand the challenges and plan moving forward.

To effectively lead during a crisis, a person needs a certain set of skills and behaviors. Don’t wait until an emergency hits to see who has the competencies required to lead, assess your team now. A thorough assessment will present an overview of strengths and derailers and be used to develop a personal development plan.

If your organization currently doesn’t have an assessment and development plan in place, Envision Global Leadership can help.

Our program provides mid- to senior-level workers with insight into the strength of their influence and helps organizations develop future leadership. Reach out today to learn more about our assessment and how you can invest in your organization’s future. With our validated Leadership MultiRater assessment and LeaderNAVTM software, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and worked to develop and support their future leaders.

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