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Forget Succession Planning Assessments—You Need Progression Planning

You might have a succession plan in place, but how are you helping your employees progress through the ranks until then? CEO succession planning is a crucial area every company needs, but progression planning is just as important. Uncovering future leaders within your team and managing your own personal talent pipeline play a key role in your company’s success and go a long way toward determining the shape and structure of your future leadership team. Envision Global Leadership specializes in collaborating with your team to help identify high potential team members in your talent pool. To solidify the direction your team is headed, it’s time to start working with someone who knows the way to success.

Progression Planning Done Right

You have to juggle countless moving parts organization-wide, especially when it comes to bringing someone into a leadership position. Several nuances beyond the candidate’s major accomplishments could potentially earmark them for success, and HR personnel need a solid database of information that goes beyond conventional success planning tools. 

If you need a plan in place to determine who’s the next employee up when the CEO retires (and the third and fourth and fifth choices), progression planning is a crucial step you need to take. At EGL, we’re not interested in telling you who should go where and how soon they should be moved to a new role—our job is to give you the resources and information you need so your HR team, board members, and talent development specialists can make the right decision.

How Can Our Assessments Help?

Some characteristics are absolutely integral to the success of a company: a strong organizational structure, a well-established culture, and capable team members working toward the same goal. How confident are you that the next employee you have in line for promotion will strengthen that structure, celebrate that culture, and get their team members all on the same page? That’s where EGL’s assessments come in. We analyze the employee’s agreeability, decision-making, and other crucial, universal factors every quality leader shares. We want the choice you make to yield results for years to come. Shouldn’t you be as informed as possible before making such a big decision?  

What Kind of Assessments Are There?

At EGL, we want to give our clients detailed, accurate results about the leadership capabilities of their team members. That’s why we offer myriad options for all the companies we work with. We want to help your team uncover what you’re looking for in your ideal candidate, and possibly shed light on areas you may not have considered before beginning the hiring process. From finding your future CEO to your new senior manager, internal candidates are easier to identify than ever thanks to our range of assessments, including: 

  • LeaderNAV™: Gathers multiple LMRe (Leadership MultiRater Enterprise) reports to provide a picture of your overall leadership pool. 

  • LMR (Leadership MultiRater): The LMR is an empirically designed and performance validated MultiRater instrument delivered online through EGL’s member portal. The LMRe report compares a leader’s current portfolio of leadership engagement styles against the desired profile designed to maximize organizational performance.

  • Leadership Self-Assessments: Leaders need to do some personal reflection and use an assessment to create new awareness. EGL’s Self Assessments match the constructs of the LMR. They have more in-depth questions to offset the lack of external feedback.


Still Need More Information?

Don’t let valuable information fall through the cracks. If you need to make a big decision, you need access to all the available resources. At EGL, we want to make your internal hiring process as smooth and seamless as possible; no transition of power should ever be characterized by chaos and inner turmoil (although so many are).
We help our clients make informed, rational decisions about their management teams. Each new hire you bring should be a good fit, not just for the role itself, but for determining the trajectory of your company for years to come. Find out how we can help you make the right choice, and reach out to EGL today.

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