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Five Competencies of Transformational Change

Continuing on the subject of transformational leadership, this time I am giving you 5 competencies that transformational leaders exhibit. In past articles, we have been focused more on the systems thinking aspects through which leaders can engage groups of people – either small or large groups. The principles we put forth work for any size group or community of people. Now we are shifting focus to the relationship side of leadership.

When it comes down to it, people are leaders because they cultivate the required relationships with people, who then choose to put their energy in a common direction. This is the part of leadership that is the most directly related to humanity. As I said, this article talks about 5 competencies of transformational leaders. These are derived from a series of research studies on leadership that focus on what leaders do. There are, obviously, many research studies and models of leadership that you can find in the literature. At the Gaian Group, my interest is in refining how we can focus on the boundary point of the knowledge. We are working to integrate our systems thinking with research on emotional intelligence and emerging trends in conscious leadership, to create a wave of leadership for today’s world.

Our main objective in the world of leadership is to help create Inspirational Presence. This is the quality of a leader that you experience when they walk into the room and you feel when they describe their vision of the future. It is not the only thing required of a leader, but it is one of the most important areas for sustainability and for engaging the hearts of people as well as their minds. Feel free to forward this to whomever might be interested in expanding their leadership ability, or just drop me a line with what you thought about it.

Cheers, Jeff Evans, Ph.D.

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