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Performance Validated Leadership Assessment

Many companies understandably want to be assured of the validity and reliability of the ALII-Map as a predictor of leadership potential. Below is a brief overview of the research and validation methods used to develop the ALII-Map leadership assessment tools. 

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analyses and studies have been used to develop and improve the ALII-Map over the last decade, resulting in the version used today by many organizations to collect actionable data and develop leaders. These studies provide the foundation for the validity of the ALII-Map in measuring leadership qualities. Organizations can use the information from these statistical analyses to create a leadership profile and provide their employees with a clear path to progression within the company. 

Core Competencies

In order to develop future leaders, your organization needs to know what success looks like within your organization. Core competencies are metrics used to measure specific functional skills, such as listening skills, decision making ability, and productivity. The ALII-Map measures a set of core leadership competencies based on extensive research and interviews with over 250 managers and supervisors across a wide range of industries on the importance level of dozens of leadership skills. This provides organizations with a tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses not only at the employee level, but at the team and company levels as well.


Benchmarking draws on the 360 leadership assessment survey results of thousands of participants in order to create comparison scores against which leadership qualities can be measured. These benchmarks help employees identify gaps in training or functional knowledge that are diminishing their leadership potential. Organizations may choose to compare employees’ scores against those within the the team, within the company, or even within a specific industry.

Real-World Application

ALII-Map continually being developed and refined through direct application and observation of leaders of all age groups, industries, company sizes, and levels of management. For each leadership development initiative, coaches work closely with organizations to create a focused approach that measures the competencies and behaviors necessary to leadership success within that organization.

When implemented by trained and certified coaches, the ALII-Map assessment tools have been shown through empirical research to be valid, reliable, and effective in helping leaders develop the skills they need in order to achieve their career goals. Companies who invest in ALII-Maps will be well positioned for success in an increasingly complex business world.

Envision Global Leadership’s ALII-Map Enterprise assessment is a research-based, statistically valid instrument focused on influence behaviors, including emotional intelligence.

Our program provides mid- to senior-level workers with insight into the strength of their influence and helps organizations develop future leadership. Reach out today to learn more about our assessment and how you can invest in your organization’s future.

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