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How Others Perceive Your Leadership Behaviors is Important

To understand how capable you are as a leader, you need feedback about the effectiveness of your leadership behaviors and skills. If others don’t perceive you as being a strong leader, you will never command the influence required to successfully lead an organization into the future. 

The only way to get a clear understanding of how you measure up as a leader is to take a leadership assessment. When choosing software, make sure that the process includes collecting objective feedback from a variety of people that you interact with in addition to a self-assessment portion.

Envision Global Leadership has developed a unique Leadership MultiRater assessment that includes a Rater Group Comparison matrix, which provides valuable insight between how you view your behaviors versus how others perceive them. 

The results are broken down by the relationship of the rater to yourself and it’s important to evaluate the results from all the groups.

  • Which groups do your scores most closely resemble? Which do they most differ from?
  • Which groups have the widest range (the least consistency within the group)? Which have the narrowest range?
  • Which groups rate you closest to the target line?

Analyzing these results can provide valuable insights. For example, if there is a large difference between self-reported values and the average value of others’ observations, it’s a clear indication you have a blind spot about your leadership approach. This will need to be addressed in order for you to grow and succeed as a leader.

Leadership MultiRater (ALII Map) results can be used with LeaderNAVTM for further data analysis. Importing multiple assessments gives executives, HR managers and talent development departments a single-page overview of all leaders self/rater alignment. This holistic view can help guide decisions about which leaders need additional support or coaching and which need to be re-evaluated.

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Explore how Envision Global Leadership’s ALII-Map Enterprise leadership assessment can help grow your business. It is a research-based, statistically valid instrument focused on influence behaviors, including emotional intelligence.

Our program provides mid- to senior-level workers with insight into the strength of their influence and helps organizations develop future leadership. Reach out today to learn more about our assessment and how you can invest in your organization’s future.

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